Piller property stylist

September 12, 2018

Vacant Houses & Vacant Spaces Don’t Sell Homes

Do you find it hard to visualize yourself in an empty house? Well you wouldn’t be alone!

Many home buyers feel that when they walk into an empty room that they can’t judge the sense of space. In other words, when a buyer walks into a property even though they think they are looking for features and detail, their hearts are looking for the atmosphere to say “this is my home; I can see myself living here”.

Unfurnished spaces essentially look smaller than furnished ones.  Most buyer’s find it hard to imagine how their furniture could be arranged and how much of it would fit into the empty space. If your home is small then it is much more imperative to show potential buyers how functionally the space could be used.

Another negative to selling a vacant home is that potential buyer’s focus on all the negatives that the empty canvas offers. For example they will focus on the marks on the wall, the scratches on the flooring and cracks in the ceiling. This may result in lower offers for your home. Consider hiring a property stylist as a small investment.

Property Styling can make your empty house feel like a home to many home buyers.  As home stylists in Melbourne we want home buyers to say “Wow, what a beautiful room”, whereas if you were selling an empty house all they would see is 4 walls, a ceiling, doors and windows. Home staging in Melbourne has now become a key trend for prospective home buyers to visualize themselves in the properties functionality and potential.