Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Piller property styling take to issue a quote for services?
We make it our mission to reply to your requests as soon as possible and issue a quote within the first 48 hours of your call. In this time, we will also arrange a property visit to assess your requirements.

How long can the furniture be hired for?
In general, we hire our furniture for a period of 6 weeks. This is to cover the costs associated with advertising and the auction campaign.

How long does it take to set up the property?
Depending on the size of your property, styling can be done within half a day to a full day.

How does Piller property styling determine which furniture best suits your property?
All of our stylists’ are highly experienced in interior design and property styling, and are committed to making the best possible selections from our large collection of furniture.

We work around the style and individuality of your home to create a beautiful, inviting space that suits your target market.

How is the furniture moved in and out of the property?
We only use experienced professional removers to move the furniture to and from the property.

Who does the furniture belong to?
The furniture is solely owned and managed by Piller property styling.

Which suburbs does your services cover?
Piller property styling is based in Moorabbin (3189 VIC). We service in and around the Metropolitan Melbourne areas

How much does it cost to style a property?
Pricing depends on the size of the property and the number of rooms and living areas you wish to style. We recommend an onsite visit from one of our staff members to determine the amount of furniture that is required, so that we can offer you the best deal for your property. Our total price is all inclusive of moving, setup and insurance, with no additional charges

What does your styling packages include?
During our onsite visit we determine the list of items that is needed to be added to the property and will issue a detailed list on our written quote.Generally, a package will include items such as sofas, dining settings, beds and all the other accessories that we feel your property will need in order to obtain a property that stands out in Melbourne’s property market.

Can I use some of my own furniture in the styling of my home?
Your styling consultant will advise you regarding your existing pieces of furniture and if it will suit the overall look and style of your property, whilst trying to achieve the best outcome to sell your home.


Quick tip

Family Photographs

We always recommend that you ‘de-personalise’ your house by taking down any personal items such as family photographs. It helps potential buyers visualise themselves better in your home.

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