Pre Sale Property Styling and Furniture Rental

Need access to Fashionable Fixtures at your home?

While we pride ourselves in providing our clients with expert pre-sale property styling, we also offer short-term furniture hire in and around Melbourne. Our short-term furniture hire is suitable for anyone from private home-owners, property developers and builders, and real estate agents who require furniture to fit out their homes during the sale period. If you are on a tight budget, why not just hire some display furniture and return it when you don’t require it anymore?

We can provide you with cost-effective, short term furniture rental in Melbourne to suit your needs. Our furniture rental is for a period of 6 weeks to cover the auction campaign. If needed you can hire the rental furniture for up to three months. Our experienced interior stylists will assist you in selecting the right furniture to ensure that your home creates a lasting image with prospective buyers. Our advice to you is, to look at your home objectively as a potential buyer would. Choose furniture that would enhance your homes natural qualities and features. Home staging inMelbourne has transformed to a decorative process and we at Piller intend to make yours an enjoyable process.

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