Pre Sale Property Styling and Furniture Rental

When Advices count, Piller Pre Sale Property Styling works

As part of our all-inclusive service, we also provide professional pre-sale property styling advice in Melbourne. We have an objective look at your current home presentation and offer you suggestions as to how you can give your property a makeover without breaking the bank. We are firm believers that a well-presented home will help you generate the maximum return for your home, so we work closely with you to reduce the stress associated with selling a house.

In just a short time, we can help you prepare your property for sale by giving you strategies to improve the visual appeal of your property and transform it into a prestigious home that charms your target demographic. You can avail our pre sale furniture rental service in Melbourne that will save you from scouting for furniture. Our suggestions might include cleaning and maintenance advice, how to de-clutter and reorganise your belongings, ways you can arrange furniture to maximise space, or tips on how to redecorate your home to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. On top of that, we also give you advice on how to increase your market exposure and what marketing tools you can apply to your advertisements or online listings to attract a wider target market.

Innovative property styling will raise the
perceived value of your property

Our consultation team have a broad knowledge of the property market and design industry, exceptional research skills, project management abilities and work quickly and thoroughly to offer you the best results possible.Our pre-sale property styling advice is an obligation-free service, so even if you decide not to hire us for the job, we will leave you with plenty of ideas on how to improve your property sale price.Piller Property Styling is proud to offer their clients a full property styling service in Melbourne, complete with short-term furniture rental and hire and pre-sale consulting and advice.So why go hunting for buyers when they can find you on their own after you avail our service of pre sale property styling Melbourne.

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