Manishka Gunatilake

November 14, 2018

Style Tips – How to use Indoor Plants

As a property stylist one thing that I love to use while dressing a house is ‘Indoor Plants’!

Indoor Plants bring so much life, colour, texture and interest to any interior space. Back in the day indoor plants were considered clutter when it came to home styling in Melbourne. But in the last year I have noticed that they have become an interior trend once again. Recent research has shown that plants in a living space are linked to increased productivity, creativity, and overall happiness.

If you don’t have the time to maintain live plants when it comes to styling your home, you can also use artificial plants to add the same amount of colour. But if you are able to use live plants, here are a few low maintenance plant options: Succulents, orchids, ferns, fiddle leaf fig, palms, cacti or hanging ivy.

Interior stylists bring plants into design as a creative layer that is equally as important as the other accessories in any room. Here are a few ways in which you can use plants to style your home:

On a plant stand - Having a plant on a stand can help you give it more height which therefore brings it to your eyelevel, so it can be appreciated for its beauty.

On a surface - The most common way to use a plant would be to place it on a Dining table, coffee table or a side table. You can utilise them on a kitchen benchtop or even a dreary looking bathroom vanity. Try to make the plant a feature rather than just an ornament. Choosing a beautiful pot/vessel can help you achieve this.

Hanging from the ceiling - Objects suspended from the ceiling allow the eye to take an interesting visual journey and this is also a great option if you have limited floor or surface space. Cascading plants on a shelf can also achieve a similar effect.

I hope you have discovered the magic of Indoor Plants. Now go add some greenery and life into your home!