Manishka Gunatilake

August 26, 2020

Style Tips: Ideas to decorate a Shelf

Shelves have become a trend, to show a touch of your personality and style in your home. When styling a shelf, whether it be a bookshelf, Kitchen shelf or a floating shelf there are some basic guidelines you can follow in order to have your shelf looking like one from a magazine.

Decorative Objects

Adding Decorative accents to a shelf is a great way to take your styling up a notch. You can add objects which show off your accomplishments, trinkets from your travels or just pieces that you love. Shelves that piques people’s interest are ones that are full of colour, texture and stories.

Variety and Contrast is key

Mixing and matching is the best way to establish that layered look. Mix Up big and small, old and new, tall and short items. You are on your way to creating that perfect vignette!

Space your books out

Give your books a chance to breathe. Too many books in one shelf can make it look cluttered and less interesting. Leaving space also lets you add objects to complement your shelf.

Add something Green

Nothing adds life to a room like a plant. Chose plants with various visual appeal i.e. a hanging plant, succulent, flowers. This will give your shelf a nice pop of colour.

Mix in some Frames

Placing a few frames in your shelf can create depth and add personality to the shelf. Bring in some family pictures, posters or artwork for variation. Chose frames that are of different sizes. If a frame is large, place it towards the back of the shelf and place something small in front of it to emphasise depth.

Stand back and Edit

Editing is the last and most important step in styling your shelf. Stand back and ask yourself if everything there is needed? Does it look too cluttered? Does it need more colour? Keep in mind that sometimes less is more.

I hope these tips assist you in styling an Instagram worthy shelf. Good luck!