Piller property stylist

August 27, 2019

Style Tips – How to DIY pre-sale property style your home

Whilst its best to get your home professionally styled pre-sale, there are a few budget friendly, easy things you can DIY to spruce up your home for sale or just a re-vamp.


As property stylist in Melbourne the first thing we ask our clients to do is to ‘Declutter’! This may seem like quite a daunting thing for homeowners, but nothing makes a space smaller than clutter. Editing out oversized furniture, wall art, family photos hanging around and extra accessories you have will make your Living room more presentable.

-Go Green

The world of Interior decorating and property styling is a green scene these days. Introducing plants is a simple way to bring colour and a fresh feel to your home. Styling plants against any hard materials, such as marble, tiles or concrete not only adds a pop of colour, but also balances the feeling of rigidity inherent to these surfaces. Top tip before you buy your plants is to consider where it will be placed and the care the plant will need.

-Accent Colour

Accent colours change every season within the interior design and Melbourne property styling culture. By selecting a main accent colour a room will tend to feel less confused and visually better balanced. Start your base by using neutral colours like beige, greys and white. Chose an accent colour through an existing artwork or a statement piece within your space. You can then add pop’s of that colour throughout your home to make it more cohesive.

-Light it up

Choosing a Floor lamp or table lamp to compliment the mood and style of you room can go a long way when it comes to pre-sale property styling. They also can be used to free up space on your tables and draw the eye upward to give the illusion of a more spacious room.

-Embrace Textures

Want to make your Home styling contemporary? Adding texture through Cushions, throws, rugs and accessories is a great way to make your home ‘on trend’. Layering different textures also adds warmth and interest within a space.