Manishka Gunatilake

November 18, 2019

Style Tips - How to choose Furniture for your home

Furniture shopping can be pleasant for some but quite daunting for others.If you’ve caught yourself scrolling out of control on Pinterest, you’re not alone.Here are our best tips to bring out your inner property stylist and make your space lookInsta-worthy.


Measure it up! Always remember to measure your space. Also think of the layout within you space i.e. where is the sofa going to be placed, where the TV is going to be placed. Once you have the layout and measurements of you room, you will be able to gage the size and shape of the furniture you need.


Within the property styling and interior decoration industry, trends come and go. Before choosing furniture for your home, first ask yourself how you want those spaces to look and feel. By identifying the way you wish to feel in your space, you can narrow down your inspirationpictures to the most relevant. Our advice is to keep it simple.


You want your furniture to be comfortable and functional. Choose quality over quantity and purchase pieces that will last. Whatever you decide upon, test it before purchasing. Have a good sit or lie down on it. Sofa’s and beds are where you should spend your money! Considering they are the two furniture items that we spend most of our time on.

Colour palette

Keep it neutral. We feel that neutral colours give you the perfect blank canvas to work with. You can add your personal style and colour through accessories and cushions. Also Neutral colours never go ‘Off trend’!

Hope these tips help you find the perfect furniture item to complete your room. Happy Shopping!!