Manishka Gunatilake

August 11, 2020

Style Tips: Budget friendly Kitchen Makeover

As we are all staying indoors and dining out is not an option, our Kitchens have turned into the new hub of our homes. If you feel that your Kitchen is looking dull and uninteresting, have a go at these easy DIY’s to give your Kitchen a quick reno.

Add new hardware

Kitchen hardware is like the jewellery of your kitchen. They consist of things such as your taps, cabinet doors and light fittings. Replacing these items can revamp the look of your Kitchen in a quick and budget friendly way.

New coat of paint

If your kitchen cabinets look dated giving it a new coat of paint will brighten up your space. There are some amazing DIY products at Bunnings that help you easily repaint your cabinets, laminate benchtops and even your splashback tiles.

Add extra storage

If your looking to add more storage to your Kitchen, adding some open shelves are a budget friendly and easy DIY option. You can also use these shelves to display some of your best crockery.

Touch up Grout

Clean grout makes a massive difference to your splashback. If you find it hard to clean your grout, you can use a grout pen to refresh the existing colour. This is a quick and simple process to freshen up your kitchen.

Add some Art

Hanging up artwork is a great way to add some colour to your Kitchen. If you have the spare wall space, adding wallpaper enhances the personality of even the smallest of spaces.

Whether you have lived in a house for years or have just moved in, these easy, budget friendly DIY’s will help transform your Kitchen.