Piller property stylists

September 4, 2019

Popular interior design style trends for spring

Spring is our favourite season, so we thought we might share with you a few trends that we love and have noticed in the Melbourne property styling and Interior decoration industries.

- Floral & Foliage Wallpaper

Bringing the outside in has been a growing trend for many seasons. With the added wellness benefit of having plants surround you we are seeing more and more foliage creep into interiors. There's no better way to bring a blank space to life than with a feature wall. Whether it be through botanical prints, pretty palms or floral motifs. Choose sombre neutral furniture to counteract the busyness of the prints and give your eyes a place to rest. Introduce accessories that complements the colours and patterns in your wallpaper to create cohesion within the space.

- Curves and Scallops

Channel one of the most popular interior design trends for spring 2019 by playing with curves and scalloped edges. They are sure to add character to any room. You can get the look with a simple occasional chair, curved sofa, tapware, joinery or even a scallop edged side table or serving tray.

- Sustainable and Natural Fabrics

The movement towards natural fabrics speaks to the broader conversations across design right now that is all about embracing materials which are designed to minimize the negative impacts on our environment. Natural textiles will work across so many styles from Hamptons to Scandi, and just about every other style in between. You can add this to your interior through upholstered furniture, throws and cushions.

- Coloured terrazzo

If you want to re-vamp your home, then coloured terrazzo is the way to go. Terrazzo’s versatility whether styled in monochromatic colour or an on trend pastel colour, it complements a variety of home decor styles. Terrazzo can be represented throughout your home in a range of ways such as Flooring, kitchen benchtops, splashbacks and even household accessories.

- Individuality

Finally... be your own ‘Trend setter’! Whilst trends come and go in the property styling and interior design worlds, decorating your home is a chance for you to express your individuality, your interests and your passions. Just make sure you are aware of you space and not to clutter it up!