Manishka Gunatilake

November 7, 2018

Kitchens and Bathrooms Sell Your Home

When selling your home there is no question that having a kitchen and a bathroom with a ‘Wow’ factor can help maximise the sale price of your property. Pre-sale property styling  is a great way to achieve the best possible look for your Kitchen and Bathroom.

When choosing furniture hire in Melbourne, it is just as important to see what accessories the Home Styling in Melbourne use. When styling your home, the kitchen and bathroom are the spaces that utilise the least amount of furniture. Therefore the styling has to be ‘on-point’!

Accessorising your kitchen bench tops is a must to show off all your bench space and the kitchens functionality. If you have an island bench, using a bowl filled with some fresh fruit and a vase of fresh flowers is great way to add colour to your Kitchen. Glass jars filled with Pasta, spices or any other condiments are kitchen counter top’s best friend. Prospective buyers enjoy seeing some of the functional elements you use in your day to day life too.  A kettle, a kitchen aid or even a display of neatly stacked dishes can be used to style any empty corner.

Home Styling in Melbourne has become a necessity to make your home stand out in today’s competitive housing market. Bathrooms too have become an important room to style. If you can’t afford someone dressing your house to sell, there are a few ways to enhance your bathroom.  The key to a beautiful bathroom is the vanity. Use some folded hand towels, a beautiful soap dispenser and maybe even some cotton balls or Q-tips in pretty containers to create interesting heights and layers. Just like in the kitchen make sure you add some greenery! Plants bring life into any space/room. Even placing some flowers in a vase will bring a lot or colour to your bathroom. If you have a feature such as a bathtub, make sure you emphasise it by keeping a freestanding stool to display some extra towels and accessories.

Making sure that your Kitchen and Bathroom look luxe, will definitely help you maximise your homes sale price.