Piller Property Styling

July 20, 2016

Introduction to Property Styling

Research shows that potential home buyers will spend more time inspecting a furnished property, compared to an unfurnished one, allowing them a greater sense of space to picture where furniture will fit in their new home.  

These days you can’t sell a property without the input of a Home stylist. If you don’t stay ahead of industry trends, then your competitors will simply sell their properties faster and at a better return, meaning you will miss out on getting the true value for your home.

Once reserved exclusively for luxury homes or real estate agents looking to fit-out their display homes, the use of property stylists is now quite common, with vendors looking to modernise their home and improve the flow of the space so that it is more appealing to buyers.

Home Styling in Melbourne with Piller Property Styling and Furniture Hire can help bring out the hidden beauty and potential of your property by rearranging your space with the right placement of furniture and accessories to complement the style, architecture and character of your home.

For the best results possible for your home, you can count on Piller.