Piller Property Stylist

December 14, 2016

Interior Designer Vs Property Stylist

What does an interior designer do? An interior designer’s role is to design interior spaces according to the clients/ homeowners brief. In most cases the interior designer will work closely with the architect and enters the project /build at an early stage. An interior designer can either modify what already exists (renovation) or provide an entirely new design for a space which is functional, comfortable, efficient and visually pleasing.

What does a property stylist do? A Property/Interior Stylist specialise in dressing a house to sell, using a range of furniture, on a rental arrangement. Property Styling in Melbourne is most commonly used by Real Estate agents who influence their clients to hire a stylist to maximise the appeal of their property and therefore in return boost their homes sale price. In the current competitive housing market pre sale property styling Melbourne is now widely utilised by homeowners directly as well.

An Interior Designer’s role and Property Stylist’s role might seem very much alike. Both involve setting up the interiors of a home and both involve methods through which you improve the current homes standing.  Even though these two concepts share some similarities, there is one fundamental difference which separates them entirely.

A Property Interior stylist in Melbourne are hired by a Home owners that want to sell their current property, to make the home more appealing to as many buyers as possible. Whereas, an interior designer will be hired to modify your homes interior spaces based solely on the owners personal preferences with the intention that the client will be living in the same house for a considerable amount of time.