Manishka Gunatilake

July 15, 2020

Easy DIY’s to update your home while staying indoors

Working from home due to COIVD-19? Have you been wanting to do a few projects around your home? Well then here are a few easy DIY’s to update your home.

De-clutter and Organise

You can apply this process to your Wardrobe, Pantry and even your Kitchen cabinets. Get rid of the things you don’t use (or haven’t used within the last couples of years). This will help you re-organise your space efficiently and categorically. If you plan on donating any of your belongings, may we suggest that you bag them for the time being and donate once the virus has passed. If you need inspiration google Marie Kondo!

Get your ‘Green Thumb’ going

If there is anything that Corona virus has taught us, it’s that we should grow some of our own produce. So why not try growing some herbs or starting a little veggie patch. You can order packets of seeds online and get them delivered to you.

You can also re-pot some plants you have throughout your garden or your home.

Move it around

If you are tired of the way your living space looks, why not rearrange it? Start with moving around the bigger furniture such as your sofa, side table or armchair. Then move onto the soft furnishings like cushions, artwork and plants. Since we are spending more time indoors and in our living area, why not make it pleasing to the eye.

Hang it up

Have you noticed that unlike our parents, we hardly ever print out photographs anymore? Most of our precious memories are stuck inside our phones! Kmart has some great, budget friendly frames which you can order online. Print off some pictures and hang them up (in a cluster or just place them on top of your buffet).

Hope these easy DIY’s will help update your home and keep you busy whilst staying indoors. Stay safe everyone!