Short Term Furniture Hire For House Sale in Melbourne

Are you Looking for Furniture just when you Require? And return back when you don’t? Hire us! The Gorgeous Furniture you can Afford.

We don’t just provide you with expert property styling, but we also offer short-term furniture hire in and around Melbourne. In the past, property styling and furniture hire was commonly used by real estate agents and property investors to fit out their display homes, but now, private home-owners hire professional stylists, like us, to accentuate the value of their property.

Property stylists of Melbourne go with the design that appeal, and furniture that spruce up your house. Yes, we come with cost-effective, short term furniture rental in Melbourne to suit your needs. Most of our short-term furniture rental is for a period of 5 to 6 weeks, during the auction campaign, but you can hire for periods of anywhere up to three months. Our interior stylists in Melbourne help to make excellent choices of furniture that ensemble with your complete property styling.

We have simplified furniture hire in Melbourne
like no one else.

Our short term furniture hire is suitable for anyone from private home-owners, property developers and builders, and real estate agents who require furniture to fit out their homes during the selling period. For that, we offer furniture hire for house sale in Melbourne.

We make property styling in Melbourne go dapper for the buyers to draw with our range of furniture and accessories are constantly being updated with stylish and contemporary options. With flexible rental terms, we can arrange prompt delivery and installation in a matter of hours.

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