Manishka Gunatilake

September 20, 2019

Style Tips – Things to avoid when Pre-Sale styling your home

There are a few things that we consider “No No’s” in the property styling industry. A little attention to detail goes a long way, so before you begin, here are a few tips on things to avoid when styling your home...

-Over-sized furniture: This might seem obvious, but many people forget size when it comes to comfort. While comfort is very important it is also essential to know the dimensions and layout of your space before you make a hasty purchase. In the case of styling your home for pre-sale, consider hiring a Property stylist, as sometimes buying new furniture to suit this need is not easy on the pocket.

-Family photos: In pre-sale property styling we always recommend that you ‘de-personalise’ your house. It helps potential buyers visualise themselves better in your home.

-Trophies: We all love celebrating our children’s achievements. Unfortunately placing trophies and medals in your living areas is not the ideal place for them. A study, game room or kids bedroom will be the more appropriate to display such items.

-Rugs that are too small: A great rug adds lots of character to any space. But a rug that is too small for your space can make your whole room look smaller and that is NOT the look you want to give any potential buyers.

-Hanging art too high: If you want your artwork to be admired an appreciated, always hang it at eye level. Hanging it too high won’t capture anyone’s eye.

-Flat cushions: Old, ‘pancake’ like cushions are an eye-sore. Not only do they look bad, but they also make your sofa look tired. When buying cushions, try and invest in feather filled inserts rather than polyester filled inserts. Feather filled are more durable and comfortable.

-Furniture pushed up against walls: You may think that pushing furniture up against the wall will make your room look spacious, but to the contrary it makes a room look much smaller. As home stylist we feel that bringing the furniture inwards from the walls makes the space look more inviting and opens up the room.

Hope these tips help you with your Pre-sale home styling.. Good Luck!